Microsilver Hygiene Concept – Unique and Patented With Cleaning By Oscillation

Microsilver Hygiene Concept is unique and patented cleaning by oscillation researched and developed by us, we have grown into one of the leading Microsilver technology providers. This expertise is now used for the first time worldwide in apparative cosmetic products. We added to the filaments of the brush heads  Microsilver bgtm.

Why we make entirely new brush filament material compositions with Microsilver Hygiene Concept? Very simple: for hygienic reasons. Even after washing out the brush used, a small moisture film remains on each filament, which dries only very slowly. In the meantime, in addition to germs and bacteria still resulting from the purification, additional airborne particles can settle on the filaments and multiply there. So that means: The risk of skin contamination and irritation by on the Brush located germs and bacteria is unnecessarily increased.


Microsilver Hygiene Concept collect positively charged silver ions on the surface. Silver ions prevent the formation of seed cultures, as our tests prove. Microsilver BGTM forms a sort of protective shield for your brush. In addition, thanks to the homogeneous concentration of Microsilver, cleaning with brushes in a hygienically perfect condition can be guaranteed for 3 months, because the Microsilver Hygiene Concept particles are continuously released from the inside to the surface.

Microsilver Hygiene Concept works like a shield against contamination on your brush.

But that’s not the only thing that makes our brushes so special. In order to ensure a gentle cleaning, we have equipped our brush with end rounded filaments. Conventional brushes, however, are cut and have smaller, sharper edges. This can additionally irritate the skin.

Also, the distance between the taffeta (taffeta are the filament bundles, which are distributed over the brush head) is deliberately generous. Compared to other products, you will find that the distances between the ZEITGARD brushes are significantly higher. The greater distance brings considerable advantages: the taffeta can move much better (swinging) and the filaments with Microsilver Hygiene Concept are better ventilated after cleaning and can dry better.

Cleaning by oscillation

After numerous tests, we decided to focus on cleaning performance induced by oscillation. This means the brush is moving back and forth thousands of times per minute. Imagine the minute hand on your watch is constantly moving back and forth between 11 and 1. This movement also performs the brush.

Why we use this technique and not for the well-known rotation (circular motions)?

Quite simple: It has been shown that opposing movements, ie an oscillation, brings a greater cleaning performance. The Hygiene Concept brush filaments can thus optimally remove dirt from the skin – and not just to the last pore, but also very gently, because the oscillation cleaning is proven to be much gentler than the rotation.

swings up to 7,300 times a minute

rotates in a circle

  1. Level: 100 Hz or 6,400 movements / minute. Our recommendation for sensitive skin.
  2. Level: 106 Hz or 7,100 movements / minute. Our recommendation for normal skin.
  3. Stage: 121 Hz or 7,300 movements / minute. Our recommendation for extra intensive cleaning.

What is the specific difference to other cleaning devices?

We distinguish between rotating and oscillating movements of the devices. As most brushes rotate across the skin, oscillating brushes oscillate at high speed (several thousand times a minute). That makes a big difference to the skin as well: the sound frequency used here cleanses the skin without irritating it. Other techniques (such as rotation) treat the skin in one direction. In addition, the unique Microsilver Hygiene Concept technology contributes to a high level of hygiene of the individual brush heads. If you already have another device, compare the devices using a tissue or nylon stocking. Simply put the devices on one after the other. Rotating devices strain the skin – well illustrated by the fast, circular movements of the nylon stocking. The LR ZEITGARD Cleansing Device with oscillating vibrations, however, keeps the nylon stocking in a calm position.