Zeitgard Cleansing Device combines state-of-the-art oscillation technology with a unique MICROSILVER-based hygiene concept – as a unique selling point – and an unmistakable design made in Germany.

Pore-deep clean, youthful-looking skin full of charisma – who does not want that? This is possible with the Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Device. Your skin will be cleaned up to 10 times more effectively than with manual cleaning.

Let’s Go To See How To Use Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Device

The Zeitgard Cleansing Device is used for complete facial cleansing including make-up removal. Since the ZEITGARD Cleansing Device is not suitable for the sensitive eye area, you must remove your eye make-up separately.

For very strong make-up you may like to pre-clean with a tissue, so you prevent excessive discoloration of your cleaning brush

Now take the suitable Zeitgard Cleansing Brush head soft or classic for your skin type and put it on the device until a click sounds. Then the brush is stuck and ready to go

As with your toothbrush, every family member deserves its own Zeitgard Head Brush .

Now take your Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Device in your hand and hold the brush head briefly under running water. Reason: the fiber becomes softer and therefore more receptive to the cleansing lotion / gel. Now shake off excess water carefully so that it does not run down your arm during use.

Moisten gladly your face with some water. The moist skin combines faster and more pleasant with the texture and the brush. Now put 2 pump surges of the appropriate cleaning product in the middle of the brush head.

Switch on the Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Device by holding down the On button for approx. 3 seconds and then select your desired power level by further pressing. The small lights show you what level of performance you are in.

For the first 14 days, please start with power 1 and increase it until the skin gets used to it.

Now start with gentle circular movements and little pressure on one of your cheeks to the chin. For each of your facial zones, your Zeitgard Cleansing Device gives you 20 seconds, which is indicated by an impulse on the device and an acoustic signal. Then switch to the next cheek and also clean to the chin for another 20 seconds. Now 20 seconds for your forehead and your nose

Never drive your eyes over the brush. The eye is a very sensitive organ even when closed!

Enjoy your new cleansing ritual with Zeitgard Cleansing System! Close your eyes and relax. Gently circle lines and wrinkles, such as the side of the eyes, toward the hair ring, across the lips and nasolabial fold. It is worth it! The cleaning effect will soon be visible. Stop at the beginning because from experience you simply won’t want to stop anymore, because it’s so pleasant. Less is more, but more regularly. We recommend that you follow the one-minute cleansing for at least 14 days to get your skin used to the treatment.

When you’re done in the face, give your neck and décolleté another minute. The application is also great for the upper arms and also the most dry elbows.

Now put aside the Zeitgard Cleansing Device and either remove the residues from the treated areas by hand or with a cloth and plenty of water. It is not amazing that after a cleansing, no more tension and your skin is silky smooth? This is also the difference between a manual and Lr Zeitgard cleaning. Your skin is stimulated to bleed well and builds up a moisture depot by itself. You can see that, you can feel it. The skin already feels like it’s being treated with a good cream.

After drying, look at your towel. It is bright white. No trace of the typical residues after cleansing the face.

At the end take care of your skin as usual and you will find out that you will use your serum, cream or even your mask much more efficiently. Your skin needs less texture and is nevertheless increased in its absorption capacity. The active ingredients contained unfold optimally, and thus you gradually achieve a noticeable improvement in your skin. It is great!

For the care afterwards, the LR portfolio offers a wide range of products (for example Nanogold, Serox, Beauty Diamonds, Aloe Vera, PowerLift or Platinum)

Immediately after use, clean your brush with water and a gentle washing lotion.
This way, even color pigments are removed almost without residue.

Important: the brush head should be placed in the charging station without a protective cap. Let the brush dry in the air. The protective cap is for travel purposes.

Our recommendation for cleaning the brush head: Aloe Vera Cream Soap.

The charging station is also the repository of your Zeitgard Cleansing Device. Without damaging the battery, the Lr Zeitgard Cleansing Device can remain in the charging station waiting for your next professional facial cleansing.

You can safely use your Zeitgard Cleansing Device in the shower as it is splash-proof.

It should not be submerged in water.

Cleansing device is not equal cleansing device! Zeitgard Cleansing Device is real engineering art! High End Design you won’t find among the facial cleanser equipment on the market. It belong to Zeitgard Anti Aging Management